Henry Ford Comes Alive

Mr. Ford describes how he singlehandedly

changed the car industry and

introduced mass production.


You auto come!

John D. Rockefeller Comes Alive

This dramatic impression focuses on the early oil industry

and how he rose to fame and fortune,

going from Robber Barron to Philanthropist.


Fantastic Places

Ever hear of The Okavango Delta?

Or Mt. Lico in Mozambique?

This presentation introduces and highlights

over three dozen unique man-made

and natural wonders of our world.


  PEO Club

(Philanthropic Education Organization)

Postponed due to Pandemic until October 2021

Colony Rec Center


Thomas Edison

Comes Alive

Dressed in period costume, I will explain

how Edison’s inventions bettered our society

and hybrids of his inventions are still in use today.


Mayans and Aztecs

Will detail how these 2 ancient cultures

thrived in Central America

and of their demise.




Going Ape

This tells how apes, chimps and gorillas

share many traits with us.

Are we like them, or are they like us?

Come find out!


The Enrichment Academy
March 1, 2021, 3 PM Lake Miona Rec Center




He Said – She Said

Who’s better at what?

How women and men differently

see and deal with the world.


Monday, March 8, 2021 1 PM
Science & Tech Club
Bridgeport Rec Center



I will unfold the historical events that

highlights the Incan Empire, and their

dramatic decline by the Spanish.


Andrew Carnegie

Comes Alive

In period costume, I will portray

Mr. Carnegie, the early steel industry,

his success story and philanthropy.

Sports Cheaters


Documents how professional athletes

in many high profile sports cheat in

unique ways to gain unfair advantages.



Inside The

Catholic Church



This highlights a history of The Catholic Church

as well as the significant contributions The Church has

made in our world including some of it’s blunders.

It’s All Relative


Albert Einstein

Einstein comes to life in this dramatic

presentation highlighting his ideas that revolutionized

our ideas about space, time and physics. He discusses

relativity and the space time continium in an easy to

understand format.

January 25, 2021

Science & Tech Club 

1PM Bridgeport Rec Center

Undersea Discoveries


Jacques Cousteau



Jacque Cousteau surfaces from his

underseas world to tell of his many

adventures filming and documenting a

world we knew little of. His passion is

conveyed through his inventions and

dedication to marine life.

James T. Kirk -Captain of  the Starship Enterprise


Captain Kirk tells all about his action packed

adventures, daring escapades, his ship –The Enterprise,

his crewmates,and going where no man has gone before.


The Enrichment Academy
Thursday, April 1st, 3 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center


Sumter Landing Bike Club
Monday, Nov 1st,  7 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center

Incredible Journeys



Take 8 journeys throughout the world

— scale Mount Everest, walk across the

North Pole, sail around the world, 

walk the length of China’s Great Wall,

and tour the International Space Station

– plus more!!

The Enrichment Academy
Monday, April 5th, 3 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center

Pablo Picasso

Explains His Art


Meet the avant garde artistic genius

of all time. His provocative art

included creating many new styles

with a fresh, new approach to

viewing art. Catch all

his masterpieces.



Bruce Wayne

aka Batman


Bruce Wayne tells of his adventures

as Batman. He protects Gotham City

as a masked Dark Knight from

psychotic criminals. His secret

identity is revealed to you,

just for attending.

 Mission to Mars



Blast off to find out how humans will

explore and eventually live on Mars.

Find out the challenges

and problems about

living on another planet.


Enrichment Academy Classes


The Villages Recreation & Parks Department

As an Instructor

Through April 2021



Going Ape

Monday, March 1, 3 PM
Lake Miona Rec Center


James T. Kirk

Captain of the Starship Enterprise

Thursday, April 1, 3 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center


Incredible Journeys

Monday, April 5th, 3 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center


He Said, She Said

Wednesday, April 7th, 3 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center


It’s all Relative with Albert Einstein

Wednesday, April 14th, 2 PM
Eisenhower Rec Center



(Dates and Final

Schedule To Be Determined)




Mission to Mars

Bruce Wayne aka Batman

Pablo Picasso

Jacques Cousteau

Sports Cheaters

Inside the Catholic Church